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Natural Gas

Natural Gas

Bringing the heat to everyday life.

Whether it’s keeping us warm or cooking food, natural gas provides the heat we need in daily life. Atkore’s PVC and HDPE pipe supports these essential functions with quality and reliability.

     Long-Lasting Reliability

     For delivering essential energy, pipe reliability is a top priority. PVC and HDPE have been proven to stand the test of time, maintaining strong performance.

     Build America, Buy America Certified

     Our PVC & HDPE pipe is proudly made in the U.S. and is BABA compliant.

     ASTM Compliance

     Atkore natural gas pipe conforms to ASTM D2513 or ASTM D3350 to ensure quality and safety.


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Natural Gas Applications:

Natural Gas Underground Water
Natural Gas sleeving

Underground Utility Gas Transmission

Whether it’s from the gas main to the meter or from the meter to external uses, Atkore Stream-Line gets natural gas where it’s needed most.


Utility Pipe Sleeving

Atkore Sleeve-It protects gas pipes by helping to prevent damage, reduce leakages, and prevent corrosion.