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Connecting homes and businesses across America to essential water infrastructure.

Life as we know it would not exist without reliable plumbing. That’s why Atkore prioritizes quality in our manufacturing process – and why you can depend upon our products to keep water flowing.

     Quality and performance you can rely on

     Water plays a fundamental role in our everyday life, which means quality and reliability are top of mind for plumbing projects.

     Build America, Buy America Certified

     Our PVC & HDPE pipe is proudly made in the U.S. and is BABA compliant. 

     NSF, AWWA, ASTM, and FM Compliance

     Heritage Plastics products conform to relevant codes and standards to ensure quality and safety.

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Plumbing Applications:

Indoor plumbing kitchen sink
Plumbing Landscaping

Above-Ground Construction

Atkore offers a full line of plumbing pipe for above-ground construction.


Beyond the home and business, PVC and HDPE pipe is essential for keeping the landscape green.