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Delivering energy to all.

The nation depends on oil and gas to power our transportation networks. Atkore helps meet critical energy needs by providing quality pipe products that get the job done every day.

     Long-Lasting Performance

     HDPE pipe delivers the energy we depend on, withstanding harsh environments and maintaining high performance over the pipe’s long lifespan.

     Ease of Installation

     Lightweight HDPE pipe is easier to transport and install, saving time and money. 

     Build America, Buy America Certified

     Our HDPE pipe is proudly made in the U.S. and is BABA compliant.

     ASTM Compliance

     Atkore oil and gas pipe conforms to ASTM F2619 to ensure quality and safety.


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Oil& Gas Applications:

Oil and Gas Well site water
Oil & Gas transmission water

Well Site Water Management

HDPE pipe is a multi-tasker at the well site, proving ideal for flowback during testing, produced water, and water treatment operations.


Oil & Gas Transmission

Due to its inherent toughness, HDPE is a top choice for transmitting oil and gas from the wellhead to storage tanks or sales lines, as well as through cross-country pipelines.