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Municipal Waterworks

Municipal Waterworks

Building Sustainable Water Infrastructure Across the U.S. 

Atkore is your trusted partner for municipal waterworks projects, providing pipe for potable water, reclaimed water, and sewer applications. We support critical infrastructure initiatives across the U.S. with our nationwide manufacturing footprint and cost-effective, corrosion-resistant PVC and HDPE products. 

     Sustainable pipe with longevity

     PVC & HDPE have been proven to outperform and outlast ductile iron and other traditional materials.

     Build America, Buy America Certified

     Our PVC & HDPE pipe is proudly made in the U.S. and is BABA compliant.

     Tested to the Highest Standards

     Heritage Plastics products conform to relevant codes and standards to ensure quality and safety. This includes AWWA, FM, NSF, and ASTM.


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Municipal Waterworks Applications:

Municipal Potable Drinking Water
Municipal Wastewater Sewer
Reclaimed Municipal Water

Potable Water

Safe drinking water is foundational to our society, yet aging infrastructure across the U.S. is posing challenges to health and safety. PVC and HDPE pipe are high-quality, long-lasting solutions for building the next generation of potable water infrastructure. 

Sewer & Wastewater

Reliability is top priority for ensuring effective wastewater infrastructure. Atkore offers PVC and HDPE products that withstand challenging ground conditions and meet your project specs.

Reclaimed Water

Making the most of our resources by utilizing reclaimed water is key for sustainability. PVC and HDPE pipe provides an ideal solution for reliable reclaimed water distribution.