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Supporting industrial infrastructure growth across sectors.

Water provides a lifeline to all industry. From manufacturing, to mining, to large-scale construction projects, Atkore provides the pipe needed to keep industry productive.


     Withstanding tough jobs

     HDPE and PVC are strong enough to resist abrasion yet flexible enough to withstand ground movement, making them ideal for tough industrial applications.

     All the pipe you need from one source

     Atkore offers PVC and HDPE pipe in a full range of sizes and customizable options for industrial projects. 

     Build America, Buy America Certified

     Our PVC & HDPE pipe is proudly made in the U.S. and is BABA compliant.

     NSF, AWWA, ASTM, and FM Compliance

     Heritage Plastics products conform to relevant codes and standards to ensure quality and safety.


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Industrial Applications:

Industrial Mining Water
Large-Scale Construction
Industrial Manufacturing Water


High ductility and abrasion resistance makes PVC and HDPE well-suited for transmitting both solids and water in mining operations.


Large-Scale Construction

Critical projects like hospital construction and higher ed expansion require tough, long-lasting products.


At the heart of American progress is manufacturing, which depends on reliable pipe to transmit water for essential functions.